The Heat is ON! Keeping your Lawn Green During A Blazing Texas Summer.

As you know, nothing adds to the appeal of your house more than a lush, green, well manicured lawn and garden. But here in Granbury, and the North Texas area in general, our summers can really produce some withering heat that can play havoc on your lawn. However, keeping your lawn looking good under scorching conditions is fairly simple with a properly functioning sprinkler system—and the right watering techniques.

Keeping your lawn green and healthy isn’t a “one-size-fits-all-situations” though. Your water schedule will depend on things like the makeup of the soil, the type of grass you have planted and how extreme the temperatures are. It’s not unusual to have to alter your schedule several times a season to keep up with the changing temperatures and conditions.

As a general rule, early morning is the best time to water—for a couple of reasons. Mornings are cooler so it takes the water longer to evaporate and gives more time for the water to soak in. Additionally, after the morning dew is gone, the lawn can dry quickly so a little spray around 9 a.m will help protect the grass from damage.

Using the right amount of water is also critical. By using a rain gauge or cans, you can find out how long it takes for your system to put out one inch of water in each zone. Then set your timer for whatever interval your system needs to put out one inch of water.

Just doing these two things can go a LONG way in making sure that your lawn can stand up to the heat and look great doing it.

Last note: be sure to keep an eye out for dry or brown spots! It could mean that a sprinkler head is malfunctioning or is placed improperly.

If you’re having problems with your sprinkler system, give us a call!

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