Time for your Sprinkler System to Spring Back to Life

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After sitting idle for four, long, cold months, your sprinkler system will benefit from a tune-up before it gets back to work keeping the lawn and garden healthy and beautiful throughout the hot Granbury summer. In fact, a good overall tune-up of your sprinkler system, by Granbury Irrigation, will go a long way towards saving water, money, plants and grass.

Regain Control…We will run a check of the irrigation controls and programs. This includes dusting away the cobwebs on the controller, making sure the date and time is correct, and that the settings are appropriate for the landscape’s watering needs. Also, replacing the battery if needed.

Unobstructed Spray…Granbury Irrigation will check for rocks, dirt, sand and other types of debris that may block the even flow of water from sprinkler heads. Uneven distribution can lead to too much water in some areas and not enough in others, both resulting in an unhealthy landscape and wasted water. Inspect spray heads and make sure they haven’t become buried and debris has not accumulated around them during the winter.

Out with the old…Nozzles and sprinkler heads are designed to withstand normal wear and tear of irrigation, but are no match for errant lawn mowers, the neighbor’s dog or your friend’s car. Granbury Irrigation will replace cracked, chipped or worn components, such as sprinkler heads, nozzles, valves or pipes as needed. A broken sprinkler can wreak havoc on lawns, gardens, and water bills, so it is important to have them checked.

The Heart of the System…Valves are the heart of any irrigation system. They regulate the distribution of water throughout the entire system. A leaky valve will waste water, and increase the water bill. Granbury Irrigation will visually inspect each zone to make sure the valves are operating properly. Overly wet areas in the lawn, resulting in muddy and/or barren patches, may be a result of a leaky valve.

Spring Up…Spring is here! Call Kurt, at Granbury Irrigation, to schedule your Spring “tune-up”.

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